Representation Jessenhofke

My grandfather was a gin distiller in Hasselt who taught me the respect & passion for traditions. Brewery Jessenhofke does productdevelopment of new beers in it’s own demobrewery. We consciously choose for 100% bio. Even while brewing we think about sustainable & ecological methods. Our specialty is herb beers.  Brewers have always used herbs to give taste to their beer. The complete recipes are brewed in commercial amounts by brewery Anders. We try to pass our passion through, through tastings & educating people who want to brew their own beer. At the moment we can receive to 120 people for a visit to the brewery and a tasting of our beers. We also bring life to our brewery by participating in beerfestival’s in Belgium but also other countries. Also biomarkets and jubileeparty’s can always count on us. Our 7 biological beers are sold in more then 900 sales outlets in 10 countries. The company was started by Gert Jordens (0497/660388,, previous independent test consultant and Christel Putzeys (0494/275312, who made her name in the broadcast- and social sectors.

Our logo the squirrel has the following story: The squirrel is a totem-animal with a couple special characteristics. He is a collector and builds stocks to be ready for everything. In the winter he falls back. Something Gert does. He is always on a search for the best ingredients to brew his beer, but in the winter he likes being at home with a nice pint.

We wear the official European logo for bio. We are 1 of the 3 Belgian brewery’s that have solely biological beers. We only use the Belgian biological hops of Joris Cambie from Poperinge.