Jessenhofke regularly organises tastings, at home or other places!

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Our slogan ‘Drink matig, doch regelmatig’ means ‘Don’t drink too much, but do drink regularly’ with this slogan we would like to take you through the world of our beer.

The taste of the Jessenhofke beers are chosen by our pure ingredients and the search to the right balance.

Getting to know our brewery can happen in multiple ways.

A guided tour with a tasting.

It doesn’t matter if it’s bitter, sour, sweet or salty. You taste with all your senses. We happily accompany you through  this taste evolution by  looking, smelling and tasting.

Together with Ritzenhoff Cristal we developed an exclusive tasting glass wherein the distinct tastes of our beers come into their own.

Our beers are artisanally brewed in our homebrewery en because of that they are very suitable for tastings.

After the tasting you go home with good memory’s, knowledge of beer and a unique tasting glass.

You can sign in as a group or individual and we’ll choose a date. For more information you can contact us at info@jessenhofke.be or 011/25.56.99


Our arrangements are accessible from 10 people. For individual questions we will look into adding you to an existing group.

The price for a guided tour with a tasting of 8 beers or juices, water and a tasting glass is €15.

This packet is able to be added to with personal wishes like stop & go, beersnacks or a beerdinner.

(Nederlands) Over Jessenhofke

België is een bierland, dat is bekend: je kunt er honderden verschillende biersoorten proeven. België dankt zijn bierdiversiteit vooral aan de vele streekbieren: lokale biertjes, met veel liefde gebrouwen. Meer dan zestig van die streekbieren zijn biobieren. Gert Jordens (1967), kleinzoon van een Hasseltse jeneverstoker, is de man achter Jessenhofke.

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