Jessenhofke Reserva - 10% Alc. Vol.

Jessenhofke RSRV

Made to perserve, but already good.

Café Grendelpoort in Valkenburg had the dream to serve a firm quadruple of 10% as Christmasbeer. We permanently took this beer into our gamma and recommend to let it mature for at least a year so the ultimate taste will come free.

Ingredients: water, barley malt*, munich*, caramunich*, wheat malt*, hops challenger*, goldings*, fuggles*, unrefined cane sugar*, herbs*, top fermenting yeast, refermentation on bottle and nothing else.

All used Belgian biological hop’s are produced by Joris Cambie from Poperinge.

Storage conditions: store upright, cold and in a dark place.

Pouring conditions: in a jessenhofkeglass, ideal between 8° & 11° C

*from certified organic origin

About Jessenhofke

Belgium is a beer counrty, that is known: you can find more then 750 kinds of beer here. Belgium has a big diversity because there are a lot of local beers. Local beers, brewed with love. More than 60 of those beers are biological. Gert Jordens, grandson of a Hasselt based gin distiller, is the man behind Jessenhofke.

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