Jessenhofke Maya - 6% Alc. Vol.

Jessenhofke MAYA

A blonde, surprising party beer

The seitancompany Maya from Hasselt and brewery Jessenhofke worked together on this experiment. The barley was partly replaced by the farinaceous restproduct from the seitanmaker. The result is a lightblonde sparkeling beer with a high bitterness and a sweet and sour undertone.

Ingrediënts: Water, pilsmalt*, farinaceous water from Maya seitan, hop challenger*, goldings*, fuggles*, cane sugar*, herbs*, high fermentation, refermentation on bottle and nothing else.

Storage conditions: Upright, cool and in a dark place

Pouring conditions: in a Jessenhofke glas, ideal between 8° & 11° C

* from organic certified origin

About Jessenhofke

Belgium is a beer counrty, that is known: you can find more then 750 kinds of beer here. Belgium has a big diversity because there are a lot of local beers. Local beers, brewed with love. More than 60 of those beers are biological. Gert Jordens, grandson of a Hasselt based gin distiller, is the man behind Jessenhofke.

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